Bringing out the best in the photos you post to Instagram isn’t just about proper composition and lighting. While shooting great raw photos is a hard-earned skill, knowing how to improve them even further through post-processing is important to developing a solid aesthetic sense. Luckily, filters exist—these pre-set color and tone adjustments can easily communicate the mood you’re going for with just a click and slight intensity adjustment. This makes it easier to plan your Instagram grid and tell your audience what you’re all about at just a glance.

Instasize has a variety of filters available for both free and paid users, but some of the best ones are contained in the app’s premium version. These Instasize filters are organized in sets of three to form collections, each themed around a specific look. Here’s what you can do with some of the best photo filters in the bunch, the Spruce Collection.

What is the Spruce Collection?

The Spruce Collection pack is one of the latest additions to the Instasize filters roster, added in a recent wintertime update. It contains three filters made to emphasize a moody atmosphere, with different tones and intensities that turn darker as you go. You should be able to access it by updating the Instasize app if you haven’t already—it will then be found and marked “new” at the very beginning of the filter selection menu. Here are some previews and tips for what the filters look like used on actual photos!

Tips for Using the Spruce Collection Filters

Filter S1

A brightening filter that suffuses the image with red-orange hues and enhances warm tones. This one works great with shots focused on objects and scenery, and for adding a touch of sunlight. Here’s how it looks:

S1 Before S1 After

Before After

Think about how you want your subjects to appear after you’ve taken a photo. While you may have captured them doing the actions you want, ask yourself if the surroundings reflect those actions and the emotions you want to convey.

Filter S2

A more neutral-toned filter that can tone down the saturation of too-bright colors so you can see more detail in your photos. It also adjusts white balance for you—so you can use it for portraits where you want clean neutrals.

S2 Before S2 After

Before After

If you’re taking a great selfie or outfit shot, you’ll want to accurately represent the clothing you’re wearing—after all, you want to look your best! A common problem with neutrals is that colors tend to get muddled up with similar neutral tones in the background. A white or cream-colored sweater can look blue if you’re standing on blue-toned gray asphalt. Adjusting white balance to differentiate them is key.

Filter S3

If you want something a little moodier, S3 is for you. When used in photos where shadows are abundant, it darkens them a fraction to add an air of grunge and mystery.

S3 Before S3 After

Before After

This works especially well with urban photography, or city shots where lights and darks regularly clash for prominence. Encouraging that can take street photography from run-of-the-mill to something you’d find printed in a magazine!

Achieving the Spruce Aesthetic

If you want to build your Instagram profile’s look around the Spruce Collection aesthetic, here are some pointers for achieving it:

  • Check out some other great-looking Instagram feeds for inspiration—keeping to reddish-orange, neutral, moody tones isn’t a new concept, but you can put your own spin on things if you see how other users are handling theirs.

  • Understand that different filters work best for different photos, and at different intensities. Remember, you have the option to fully embrace a filter or dial it down a notch if you want to keep some parts of the original photo intact!

  • Think about your photos’ position on the grid. It can look jarring when you have two consecutive photos with enhanced shadows and one bright one, followed by another darker one. Instagram posts on the grid in threes, so play around with that setup and consider how one photo flows into the next.

The great thing is that you aren’t limited to just this set. Since Instasize has a variety of collections available, you can check out other autumn/winter suited filter collections that you can mix-and-match with photos that use Spruce Collection filters. As long as you identify your aesthetic goal, finding other filters to supplement the mood of the Spruce Collection should be a breeze.

Do you plan to play around with the Spruce Collection? We’d love to see what you come up with! If you use the Instasize app to edit your photo or video posts on Instagram, tag the official Instasize Instagram account and use the hashtags #Instasize and #InstasizeCreatives. We might just share your photos too. Happy editing!