September is National Yoga Month and you’re sure to see even more yoga photography than usual. Want to share how your own practice is going? You’re in luck! Taking Insta-worthy pics and vids is a lot easier than doing headstands!

We’ve got 7 tips to help you take amazing yoga photos:

1. Strike Your Best Pose.

If you’re just shooting yourself during a workout and want to show off your progress, make sure you really commit to the pose. Not only will it give your body best results, it will also give your photos the best results.

2. Pose Anywhere And Everywhere.

You can make any photo interesting if you strike a yoga pose, whether it’s the sidewalk or even just against an interesting wall you find while you’re walking.

3. Shoot From A Low Perspective.

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Doing yoga in front of a serene or picturesque view, but still want the person to hold the main attention on the photo? A low perspective keeps the person in pose on the forefront, and still capturing the beautiful view.

4. Add Yoga To The Usual Sights.

Tired of the same old pose when taking a photo in front of a touristy view? Why not adopt your favorite or most impressive yoga pose in front of it instead? It adds a different spin to a popular sight.

5. Shoot In The Sunset.

The golden hour will likely guarantee a great photo whether you’re taking a photo of the landscape or just a selfie, but wait for the sunset and it could be the best time to strike a yoga pose. The dramatic pose with the dramatic natural lighting can turn out a masterpiece.

6. Don’t Be Afraid Of Editing In Post.

Want your beautiful yoga photo to be even more dramatic and eye-catching? Use a photo editing app to play around with it. A filter with high contrast could bring out the depth and definition in yoga photography.

7. Make Sure You’re Safe.

You can strike any yoga pose anywhere, but make sure you consider your safety, too. Don’t strike a complex pose if you’re wearing heels, or not in a proper attire. Also make sure you’re on solid and even ground, especially when posing in nature like by the side of a cliff.