6 Career Paths for the Social Media Savvy

Do you love social media? Did you know that you can build a lucrative career out of it?

With social media being an integral tool of communication today, it’s no surprise that companies and brands are taking it seriously, hiring talent to manage their social media profiles for them.

You can be that talent. Here are some jobs in social media you can build your career on:

Social Networking Analyst

To get high engagement, the brand itself needs to be engaging and engage followers. This is where the social networking analyst comes in. Your job will be to generate more followers for each social media presence, while helping retain the ones you already have. You will also occasionally research on content that your followers might be interested to see. 


You only have a finite number of characters on social media, and you have to make it count. This is why copywriting for social media is more closely related to copywriting for advertisements. You need to be on brand, concise, and creative! It also helps if you’ve mastered the best practices to craft the perfect tweet or post that will get the most engagement.

SEO Specialist

Since search engines also crawl through social media posts, it will be your job to make sure each helps your brand’s rankings, especially over tweets and Facebook posts you don’t want to show up first about your brand. You’ll be the one telling the team which keywords to use, and give other recommendations to boost the brand’s identity on search engines (including the social media platforms).

Pro Tip: Familiarize yourself with keyword explorer tools like cognitiveSEO to get ahead of the game!

Content Marketing Manager

This is usually a more senior role, and involves being able to do pretty much everything from writing the content yourself, posting about it on social media, keeping an eye on analytics, and crafting campaigns and initiatives based on the data. It’s not enough that you know how to write a tweet or take a photo for Instagram, you’re the one in charge of the bigger picture.

Advertising and Promotions Manager

Social media networks have features for paid advertisements and promotions. It will be your job to allocate funds such as which content deserves a boost or not. If your brand wants to conduct a contest or do giveaways and partner with influencers, it will be part of your job to purchase goods and coordinate with other people involved. Other careers in advertising and promotion can be found in ad/marketing agencies. Some companies, like AdvertiseMint - a Facebook advertisement agency - specialize as advertising consultants to brands, helping with their ad messaging, lead generation, and audience targeting as well.

Social Media Support Team Leader

People now raise their questions and concerns via social media instead of calling hotlines or sending emails. Depending on the size of the company and how many customers are likely to inquire about something or file a complaint, this could be one of the busiest jobs in social media-- it is also one of the most crucial! You have to be timely, helpful, and manage a team of social media representatives.

Best of all, you can qualify and show demonstrable skill in social media by showing how well you manage, curate, and create content for your own social media profiles!

Pro Tip: Guide to creating a social media manager resume 

What are you waiting for? Build your portfolio, update your resume, and put your skills to good use and apply for jobs and internships in social media! (Pro Tip: Do some extra prep work by researching how to get clients on a regular basis or how companies test their candidates through pre-employment testing). You can also put your name out there by sharing your expertise using the right tools. For example, you can start webinar free trials to gauge interest in your capabilities and establish yourself as knowledgeable in the field.

There is nothing stopping you from pursuing your passion, doing what you’re great at, and building a career doing what you love. 


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