How do you know you’re kicking butt at Instagram?

It’s easy to see each post’s number of likes and comments, as well as your account’s total followers count. The platform itself provides a lot of analytics to help you see how well your brand is performing on the platform.

But is that enough?

If you’re serious about Instagram, you have to be serious about Instagram analytics. This means going beyond vanity metrics and having a more well-rounded and accurate view of how well your platform is doing.

The Most Important Metrics

Your overall account metrics and metrics per post are very important to measure success.

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Jut&Juul are in the houuussseeee😏 @noorvdoorn ❤️

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@iggyheldoorn has over 20% engagement rate on nearly all her photos, which is very good.

Accounts Metrics

  • Engagement rate: percentage of your followers who engage with your posts

  • Follower growth rate: percentage of follower gains over a period of time

  • Audience metric: this includes your total number of followers as well as details about them like age, location, gender, and when they’re most active on Instagram

Metrics Per Post

  • Impressions: number of people who saw your post

  • Reach percentage: impressions divided by number of followers

  • Engagement: how many times a post was liked, saved, shared, or commented on

  • Engagement rate: total number of post interactions divided by the number of followers x 100

Instagram Analytics Tools

Instagram itself offers plenty of analytics, but if you want to gain more Instagram insights and take a deeper look, check out these tools:

  • Simply Measured: If you’re hoping for a deeper look at your analytics, as well as customizable reports you can schedule, this powerful tool can do all that, and more!

  • Socialbakers: Want to replicate your best posts? This tool shows you which posts have done well, which filters are most popular, and even hashtags that will work best for you.

  • InstaFollow for Instagram: One good way to assess which posts work and which doesn’t is through finding out how many people follow / unfollow after a post. This tool helps you get that information, as well as tell you who your new followers are enabling you to engage with them (and keep them around!) if you want.

  • Iconosquare: From Instagram competitor and hashtag performance tracking, to Instagram Stories analytics, to comments’ management, to reporting, Iconosquare is the all-round Instagram analytics tool. It allows you to look much further back into your past data than the native Insights and help you determine your KPIs and track your growth with much more confidence. A particularly useful feature that Iconosquare offers is the direct Scheduler with built-in, data-driven suggestions for your best time to post on Instagram, which allow you to optimize your posting strategy and see higher engagement on your media.

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  • Squarelovin: It’s easy to know the best times to post, but what about the worst times? This is only one of the many unique insights you get with this tool.

  • Sotrender: Sotrender is a no-nonsense analytics tool that provides you with clear graphs that summarize all of your Insight metrics. This includes a range of charts types, as well as top post and top story selection. You can auto-generate reports where you have all of the data from the application in one place, along with tips.

When you have a clear and thorough picture of your Instagram analytics, you’ll be able to truly measure your growth on the platform. You may even get valuable insight on what works and what you can still improve on.

Keeping an eye on numbers reduces the need for guesswork. Your Instagram strategy will be informed and evidence-based, allowing you to hit followers milestones efficiently and effectively!