5 Tips to Take Awesome Food Pictures

Food is still one of the top things people like posting photos of on Instagram--or any social media platform for that matter. As camera phones get better and editing apps get more powerful, the food only get more delicious.

So, how do you get a slice of that food photography pie? Here are a few tips on how to take pictures of food, ensuring that you do justice to the next photogenic (and delicious meal) that is right before you:

How to edit food pictures

1. Make sure the food looks great.

Make sure the food looks great

Taste isn’t everything, not even with food. When your only way to your followers’ hearts are through their eyes, the way food is presented becomes one of the most important factors. Usually, the dishes you’re served have plating arranged by professional chefs, which takes care of half your problems.

But, what if it’s a delicious--but badly wrapped--burrito or burger you really want to share with your followers? This is where your eye for arrangement comes in. One good thing about plating or arranging food yourself is that you get to add and arrange elements according to your aesthetic.

2. Use what’s available.

Use what's available

Strapped for light, or can’t really maneuver inside a packed bistro? Use whatever you can find around you. A brick wall can be an excellent backdrop. Salt and pepper shakers on the table can be the accents. When you’re in a hurry to grab your own bite out of the food you’ve just ordered, your creativity to put together a great shot will kick in.

3. Find your light.

Find good lighting

Whatever you may be photographing, light is your most valuable resource. Dining out? Pick a table near the window. Nothing beats natural light to give your photo the kind of excellent lighting you can’t replicate. If you’re out to dinner, or have other light sources that you can manipulate, light your food to the side to bring out its many textures.

4. Consider the framing.

Consider photographic framing

This will depend on your aesthetic, and what you want to highlight about the food you’re photographing. Do you want a bird’s eye view of a busy table, or do you want to highlight a specific dish? When there is more detail at the top of your plate like on a salad, go for a flatlay. For “tall” food with layers and details like a hamburger, shoot from the side.

5. Make your edits.

Focus on the details

When the lighting and angle is just right, you may find yourself not needing the added wow factor of a filter - sticking to your current Instagram vibe is something you should definitely consider when posting a new photo. The added layer of attention will aid in ensuring your entire Instagram feed mesh’s well. You don’t need dozens of editing apps to make your photo look delicious. Instasize has everything you need from cropping and resizing to adjustment settings and adding filters.

When editing, you may want to adjust Sharpness. You want to preserve a lot of detail. Food photography is all about the detail.

With so many food items being posted round the clock on social media, you want to make sure each of your food posts get people’s attention. Apply these awesome tips and you’ll be giving your followers serious food cravings yourself.

This is certainly a fun and creative way to play with your food!

Looking to start your own food blog?

With the ever-increasing popularity of food pics on the internet, starting a food blog can be a fun and engaging endeavor. Using the editing tips listed above, you'll have amazing content to share on your food blog! For a detailed guide on how to create your own food blog, visit our friends at blogging.org

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