5 Tips to Create a Winning Facebook Ad Using Instasize

Over 2.2 billion people are active on Facebook every month. Facebook is still king of social, whether you use the platform for your business or simply to connect to friends and family.

Facebook’s wide reach makes it an invaluable place when it comes to marketing. But with constant changes to News Feed algorithms, Pages don’t show up the same way they do anymore.

So how do you make sure your getting the reach you need to convert?

One way is through Facebook Ads. Facebook has built-in systems that allow businesses to post advertisements and post them not just on the newsfeed, but at strategic places on the platform.

All you need to do is create an ad that meets Facebook’s standards.

Here are some tips you can follow to create an awesome Facebook ad:

1. Be Unique and Original

You want to capture attention with your ads, and the best way to do that is to offer something unique and be original while staying on brand. Colorful images work well to get those clicks. Just like Instagram and other platforms, high quality photos do best.

You can use Instasize to tweak your images and make them look their best, or use text styles to add minimal text to your graphics that will complement your image.

2. Stick to One Call-to-Action (CTA)

What do you want people to do when they see your ad? It’s up to you to tell them! This is a call to action. You can sell products rightaway or invite them to engage with you before you do any hard selling. It can be anything from making a purchase to liking your page. What’s important is that you keep it to one call to action.

You don’t want to confuse your audience about the objective of your ad, but more importantly, you want the ad’s look to be more image than text!

3. Choose the Right Format and Size It Accordingly

There are many ways to post ads on Facebook. It can be an image on the news feed, an ad on the sidebar, a carousel-type of ad allowing you to feature multiple products on a post, or something more optimized for mobile vs desktop.

For news feed ads, make sure your ads are 1200 x 628 pixels (16:9 aspect ratio.) Using Instasize, you can instantly resize your graphic to the optimal size, eliminating guesswork of how it will look like when you upload your ads.

4. Make Sure They Follow Facebook Standards

Facebook screens ads before they run on the platform, and while there’s no hard and fast rule about getting rejected (or getting a wider reach, for that matter), violating guidelines might limit your ad’s reach.

One important rule is to make sure the text on your ad’s text does not excede 20% of the image. The more text you have, the more it will look like an ad that people might just scroll past. Keep it short, sweet, and creative. Keep the wordier parts for your caption.

5. Be Selective with Ads and Audiences

The sheer number of people that can potentially see your ads make it tempting to send it out for as many people as possible, but quality is always better than quantity. You want the right people seeing your content, and you can do that with Facebook’s robust targeting settings.

Choose the types of content you want to spend your marketing budget on. Some ads deserve a wider reach you can only get by spending on Facebook ads, while others are better seen by people who already follow you and engage with your content.

Create Facebook ads that are on brand, but do not sacrifice the audience’s experience. Facebook is a lucrative platform, but also a strict one.

Fortunately, apps like Instasize make it very easy to create ads in minutes!

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