5 Tips to Boost Your Instagram Exposure

You post consistently, you’re adapting a feed theme, you’re getting creative with your Instagram stories and making sure posts on your feed are the best quality. What else can you do to increase your exposure and kick up those followers count?

It’s time to take it to the next step.

Here’s how to get more exposure on Instagram:

Get Your Posts Regrammed

Post photos relevant to niche or community-based hashtags and you might find your post regrammed on specific regram accounts with large followers. If not, you’ve used a targeted hashtag with possibly a number of followers, exposing your post to those interested and following these hashtags.

Find a balance between meeting moderated regram accounts standards and staying true to your branding. You want to attract people to your profile because of your brand, and not because they can expect similar or identical content with these moderated accounts.

Regram Other Posts

This isn’t something you’ll be able to do frequently, as you have your own content, feed, and branding to consider, but if you find a complementary brand’s post that fits well with your own feed, don’t be afraid to regram and tag them!

It’s a win-win. You expose your audience to an account they may enjoy, too, and you might be featured by the brand you regrammed. If they have a large enough audience base you want to tap, a shoutout on IG stories go a long way.

Feature Complementary Brands on Your Posts

Post a photo of your product alongside products that will work well with yours, or something you think your followers will also be interested in. Make sure they’re a natural fit—with your product and with your aesthetic. You want it to look organic and seamless as possible, instead of a blatant ‘product placement’ or sponsored post.

Tag the brand and use their hashtags. This alerts them to your post and exposes your account to followers of the complementary brand. Since you’re offering something that fits well with the brand they’re also following or looking for, they’re likely to follow you or even purchase your product.

Get Into Partnerships With Other Brands

Partner with a fellow online business, influencer, or a blogger within your niche. Collaborate by swapping images, agreeing to scheduled shoutouts, or even just engaging with each other’s brand. You can set the guidelines to make sure posts, captions, and strategies are in keeping with your own branding.

Focus on Your Audience

The way you treat your current followers will impact whether or not you’ll earn new ones. Always keep your audience in mind. Make sure your post is something they would like and might even regram. Respond to comments, and even engage with content created by your followers. Don’t just treat them as followers, but as friends as well.

Your number of followers doesn’t have to plateau, and you don’t have to revamp your entire brand to get exposure on Instagram from an untapped market. Getting the attention of other brands and having them help amplify yours could increase your followers significantly.

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