5 Things to Avoid Doing on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms around. Depending on your target audience, it might even be your brand’s most important social media presence. You want to make sure every strategy you implement or campaign you launch will help you grow.

There’s a lot of things you can do on Instagram, and with every new feature introduced, the content types you can create and the ways you can communicate to your followers and grow your audience also increases. But what about what you shouldn’t do on the platform?

Here’s a list of things you should avoid:

  • 1: Don’t post low-quality photos.

    Instagram is first and foremost a visual medium. You want your feed to showcase the best of what you can offer. You don’t need fancy gadgets like pro-photographers, but make the most out of your smartphone! Learn how to frame shots and find great lighting. Make the most out of photo and video editing apps like Instasize to enhance photos even more.

    Good examples of high quality, visually engaging photos from @meg_legs

  • 2. Don’t ignore your followers.

    Engagement is the true metric you want to be focusing on. How many people are interacting with your posts and your profile? You want them to comment, and the best way to encourage them is to strike a conversation. Prompt your followers with a question on your captions, and reply to as many as possible.

    Just as your photos and videos are on brand, adapt a friendly tone to your captions and comments, too! This also applies to negative comments. The way you respond to negative feedback says a lot about you to your followers. Even more important is not to delete negative comments, even though you may want to.

  • Interact with your Followers

    @madds regularly interacts with her followers

  • 3. Don’t post too much!

    How many is too many? Well, that depends on your audience, but the average is only 1-2 posts a day. This is a good thing, as you can spend time and resources on creating quality posts than bombarding your audience with too many all at once. Posting more than the average won’t necessarily cost you engagement as long as you make sure your posts maintain their top-notch quality.

  • 4. Don’t over-use hashtags.

    Hashtags are crucial to get your profile discovered by your target market, but which hashtags should you be using? Avoid overly generic hashtags that have new posts every few seconds. Instead, research targeted hashtags that are relevant to what you want to post, and what your target audience may be looking for.

    While you can use up to 30 hashtags a post, keep it to a minimum of 5 - 11. Don’t use any of Instagram’s banned hashtags, either. Your post won’t show up in the hashtag page and worse, your account might get penalized for usage.

  • 5. Don’t just post on your feed.

    Your feed should still definitely be your priority, but you’re missing out if you’re not making the most out of Instagram stories or IGTV. You can post longer videos on IGTV, while Instagram stories can be a place for you to be more candid. Plus, your followers won’t mind if you post a lot of stories in one day.

    Post across all of Instagram

    Don’t just post on your feed, utilize stories, highlights and IGTV like @mochthecorgi.

With around a billion active users a month, Instagram’s potential reach for your brand can’t be ignored. Make sure your strategies follows the platform’s terms of use, enhances your profile, and provides value for your audience!

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