5 iPhoneography Accessories to Up Your Mobile Photography

Both hobbyists and professionals can agree that when it comes to taking beautiful photos, having a larger dedicated camera is no longer a prerequisite. While professionals may need them for work and specialized functions, for most people what matters is portability - and using a phone for mobile photography fits the bill. 

Manufacturers have taken note: anyone with a passion for photography buy smartphones with built-in features like advanced editing options, panoramic views, and a variety of other camera modes. But using a high-quality smartphone alone is not enough, photographers are always on the hunt for useful accessories to level up their shot. We’ve already written about some of the best phone camera lenses available before, so head on over there if you’re looking for those. In this article, however, we’d like to narrow down the focus a little more and show off other accessories available specifically for iPhones. Here are five of the best.

Olympus Air A01

Wait, this doesn’t look like an accessory. This looks like a cylindrical lens fit for a full-sized camera! What gives? Well, this is a camera, and it doesn’t have its own screen—that’s what your smartphone is for. The Olympus Air A01 is a 16 megapixel mini camera that uses your smartphone as both wireless remote and display. Just download their app through the App Store. It comes built-in with its own video editor, options for both beginner and veteran mobile photographers, and microSD functionality to save storage space. Prices change depending on whether you get it alone or with lens attachments, so scope out the best deals from retailers.

Manfrotto Compact Light Aluminum Tripod

Designed in Italy, this $64.99 tripod earns its keep as the lightest in its brand’s line, weighing only 800g in an extremely compact configuration. It contains a ball head with one knob to lock all adjustments and attaching phones and cameras is quick and easy—it can bear weights up to 1.5kg. It’s billed as a compromise between a small and larger tripod, and doesn’t only work with phones, as it comes with an adaptor for other cameras, perfect for people who like alternating photography devices. It comes with a two year warranty (extendable up to five if you register the product online) and a sleek black finish.

Gadgin Bluetooth Remote Control Camera Shutter Release

Essential for selfies, solo photos, group shots, and other situations you aren’t able to stand behind the camera: a Bluetooth remote control. This Gadgin one is originally $59.97, but it can go on sale for as low as $19.95. It’s compatible with a large range of devices using iOS 6.0 or later and boasts up to 12 months of battery life as long as you remember to turn it off after every use. Included in the package are a bonus soft carrying case and wrist strap, so figuring out where to keep it isn’t a problem either. For those who want to be safe, it also includes a one year warranty. Covering up to 30 feet of wireless distance, taking scene-stealing shots for your profile won’t be a logistical nightmare anymore!

EVO Shift 3 Axis Gimbal

Here’s something for the video power users: the EVO Shift gimbal comes in black, gunmetal gray, and rose gold to match your preferred aesthetic and is compatible with most recent iPhone models provided they’re running at least iOS 9 and weigh up to 220g. Most often encountered in the realm of GoPros and drones, gimbals put the object on a pivoted support to not only allow rotation, but most importantly keep video recordings stable and shake-free. Another point in the EVO Shift’s favor is that it does not need you to download its standalone app to have basic stabilization functionality. If you do, however, you get advanced features from its two compatible apps (EVO Gimbals Remote App and ZY Play) such as 4k resolution video, slow motion and time lapses, fine-tuning gimbal settings, and more. You can get it for $119.00.

Lifeprint 2x3 Instant Print Camera for iPhone

Love decorating with hard copies of photos? Want to give a set as a gift? No need for an Instax or similar Polaroid cameras: you’ll love Lifeprint’s Bluetooth-enabled iPhone photo printer, which attaches to the back of your phone and instantly prints both photos and videos from your social networks or camera roll. It comes with a rechargeable battery, USB charging cable, wrist lanyard, a 5-pack of film, and a one year warranty. Buy it for $149.99, but expect additional costs to keep stocked on film, which start from $19.99 for 30 and up to $49.99 for 110.

Pro Tip: 

Whether you’re a mobile photography enthusiast or a professional, there will come a time when you’ve taken so many photos that it will be time-consuming to sift through your gallery one by one. This is where software like Pics.io can help you store, access, organize, label, and distribute your files to improve your workflow. This can be used on top of your Google Drive or Amazon S3 storage so you’ll be able to transfer and share your files with ease.

If you are going with Apple devices for mobile photography, you may also consider using a desktop photo management app, like CopyTrans Photo. Developed by a team of tech enthusiasts, it will save you the trouble of battling with Apple over whether you can or cannot import your iPhone photos to PC directly.

Wrapping Up 

Even if you have just a few of these iphoneography accessories on hand, you’d be surprised how much they add to the mobile photography experience. Even investing in something as simple as a phone / tablet case, ring light or the best surge protectors can make you feel immediately more in control. Bringing extra equipment around seems clunky, but these products remain portable, enjoyable, and easy to use. For more digital memory accessories, check out My Memory

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