Give your phone that added dash of personalization by putting up a wallpaper!

You can always search and download and image or use your own photos, but what if you want something even more custom-made? You can make a great phone wallpaper quickly using mobile apps like Instasize!

Here’s a quick how-to to create your own wallpaper on Instasize:

  • Step #1: Tap the ‘+’ icon and choose ‘Photo’. From your Camera Roll, pick a base photo you want to work with or include in your phone wallpaper.

  • Step #2: From Instasize’s photo editor, tap the Crop icon and choose the resolution that best matches your phone’s dimensions. You now have a canvas to work with! Cropping first gives you an idea of where to fit elements you may want to add later.

  • Step #3: Enhance your base photo. Instasize has a large collection of filters, as well as powerful and photo editing features ranging from adjustment settings to beauty tools.

  • Step #4: Add a boarder. Tap the Border icon and use the slider to adjust the margin’s thickness. Pick a pattern from InstaSize’s large pattern library or simply pick a solid color.

  • Step #5: Add text. Want words to go with your image? Tap the app’s Text Styles option and choose from professionally designed pre-made layouts. Just choose a layout, tap the text box, type in your own text and see it in a typography design in an instant!

Need a little inspiration on what to make? Here are a few ideas:

Pocket Calendars

Phone Wallpaper Calendars Phone Wallpaper Calendars Phone Wallpaper Calendars

They make for beautiful, informative wallpapers. If you’re using an Android, you can even customize your theme to make your phone’s look and feel seamless. Check out the awesome pre-made wallpaper calendars on Instasize.

Inspiring Quotes

Inspiring Quote Phone Wallpaper Inspiring Quote Phone Wallpaper Inspiring Quote Phone Wallpaper

What better use for your wallpaper space than using it to remind you of inspiring words to keep you on track? Pick a quote, saying, or your personal mantra and create a wallpaper using Instasize’s Text Styles!

Photo Collage

Photo Collage Phone Wallpaper Photo Collage Phone Wallpaper Photo Collage Phone Wallpaper

Got photos precious memories saved on your phone? Can’t choose which one to feature as a wallpaper? You don’t have to choose just one, make a collage instead! A collage of your favorite memories, people, or pets, could even remind you to check up on them no matter how busy your day is going. You can also make a collage out of your Instagram aesthetic to give your phone a look that’s really you.

Great Patterns

Pattern Phone Wallpaper Pattern Phone Wallpaper Pattern Phone Wallpaper

Want something artsy, but not too personal or busy? Patterns are the way to go. Even with just a quick search, it’s very easy to find something regardless of your taste. Best of all, a pattern won’t overpower your lock and home screen, enabling you to see important elements like notifications, apps, and the time very quickly.


Nature Themed Phone Wallpaper Nature Themed Phone Wallpaper Nature Themed Phone Wallpaper

You might think nature photos as wallpapers are a little played out, but they don’t have to be! Pick a photo you took yourself from a recent vacation. It’s a great daily reminder of your vacation while inspiring you to travel more!

Give your trusty smartphone a little bit more dazzle and personality with a new custom-made phone wallpaper!