4 Video Editing Tips for Better Social Media Content

Nowadays, it’s easy to capture moments and share them with the rest of the world. Whether you want to post something funny and interesting like what your cat did, or share something unforgettable like a proposal, you don’t need to hire a videographer-- you’re your own filmmaker.

So, how do you make sure you take great footage and edit amazing videos people would want to watch? No need for sophisticated video editors and expensive equipment. Just follow are few of these recording and video editing tips:

Tip 1: Take More Square Videos

You want to make sure people see your video in the best and clearest way possible on their phones. You can make the most out of varying screen sizes by taking and posting square videos or even vertical ones. That’s right, landscape isn’t the only orientation worth using any more.

Square-oriented videos do well in virtually all social media platforms, and especially when viewed on devices. Make the most out of your phone’s native square camera feature. When you shoot square video footage, you won’t have to worry about cropping important parts of your frame. Have a normal sized video you would like to resize? Use a free resizing app, like Instasize, to instantly crop any footage into a perfect square.

If you're a business or brand looking to breakthrough with your video marketing but don't know where to begin, then we suggest checking out the tools on Rocketium. Choose from a wide variety of stock video clips to help you curate branded content for your various social media platforms. Quickly record voice overs and add in captions as well to give your videos a polished and professional look.

Tip 2: Be More Visual

Mobile video editing is so advanced, that you can score a short film straight from your phone, but it’s more likely that people will view your video with the sound off. Instead of relying on sound, enhance your video’s visuals.

Make use of filters to set the tone and mood. Instead of voiceovers, add text instead. To mimic the likely conditions of how your mobile video will be watched, put your video on mute while it’s being edited. 

Paying more attention to visuals will also increase the chances your video will be viewed all the way through. You want every frame to be interesting and eye-catching, especially if your audience will only take a split-second to stop and watch or scroll away. You'd be surprised how applying simple techniques along with a bit of creativity can make a viral video.

Tip 3: Optimize for Length

The length of your video depends on where you’ll be uploading your content. Hubspot has a few suggestions on how long videos need to be depending on the platform:

  • Instagram: 30 seconds. While you can post photos up to 1 minute long, Instagram is a largely visual platform where people are used to scrolling quickly to move on to the next image. Users also expect an Instagram video’s visual quality to be roughly the same as images.

  • Twitter: 45 seconds. Tweets are brief by design, and people on Twitter expect the same brevity for videos.

  • Facebook: 1 minute. Content is king on Facebook, so videos that are short but interesting will get the most views, reactions, and shares.

  • YouTube: 2 minutes or more. YouTube audiences expect longer videos on this platform. You can upload a fun and quick vlog or post a 30-minute long documentary. As long as the content is strong, you will get views.

Note: You can post Instagram Stories up to 15 seconds long, but it’s best to keep stories as brief as a few seconds, to keep your viewers from tapping on to the next Story. There have been some recent changes made to both Instagram + Instagram Stories, find out what in our "Updates to Social Media" blog post.

Tip 4: Have Fun With Your Videos

Don’t be afraid to play with texts, borders, and other special effects. These tools are there to help you get creative and put your own personal touch on each clip. Adding fun elements to every video will make your content even more enjoyable and let your personality show.

When you show viewers your personality and creativity, they will more likely view the next video or photo you post and give you a follow. With all the tools and online video editors available, it’s very easy for people or even brands to create video content that goes with their branding or aesthetics.

Whatever your goals may be for creating mobile video, you can accomplish pretty much all of it straight from your phone. Just these video editing tips in mind and your next videos won’t just look great, they’ll be viewed and shared more!

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