Looking to change things up a notch on Instagram? Maybe you want to grow and get more followers, or you want fresh ideas to get creative and apply it to your account. Whatever your goals may be, trying out a new Instagram layout or theme could be just the ticket.

Here are some ideas, and a few tips and tricks to apply them on photos or videos:

1. Rustic or Copper

Rustic Instagram Profile with Instasize

Rustic aesthetics usually involve photos of wood or nature. It gives your viewers that feeling of idyllic homey warmth and comfort. It’s a great theme to apply for personal feeds. Photos taken against wood panelled walls, or maybe a getaway to a quiet bed and breakfast would fit this theme nicely.

Love the rustic theme but got no wood around? No problem! InstaSize has numerous filters that will give your photos that same feel to it. Filters like ‘1989’ or ‘Hiro’ can give your photos that rustic charm. You can even use the app’s image adjustment settings and play with the temperature to achieve the look you’re looking for.

2. Pop of Color

Pop of Color Instagram Profile with Instasize

Show your creativity and uniqueness with a dramatic Instagram layout like pop of color. Most of your image will be desaturated except for the one color or even area you want to highlight in every photo. It doesn’t have to just be a color, you can even highlight a person or even yourself in images.

You can easily achieve this striking theme on Instasize by using the app’s whitening tool to desaturate your photo other than the area you want to really pop. Using your fingers, you can be precise on the areas you want desaturated and use the slider to increase or decrease intensity.

3. Grids

Grid Style Instagram Profile with Instasize

One rising trend on Instagram is using an entire row, column, or even feed to show one picture. This technique makes for interesting individual photos and of course an excellent end result when people visit your profile.

Tools like Planoly allow you to do this seamlessly and easily. You can then upload these photos on Instasize and use the movable grid to position the images how you want them to look on your Instagram profile. To edit them individually, tap each photo to access the the Instasize editor.

4. Vertical / Horizontal lines (or Checkerboard)

Checkerboard Instagram Profile with Instasize

Got quotes that you love? Why not add them to your feed? Instasize’s text option and Text Styles allow you to add text and choose a premade layout that reduces editing time for you without sacrificing design. You can customize it with different colors or fonts, too.

To achieve the vertical / horizontal lines or checkerboard theme, you can use quotes to alternate with your photos, making for a neat and cohesive feed when people check on your Instagram profile. It doesn’t have to be quotes, either. You can alternate photos with solid blocks of color or patterns like the ones on Instasize’s border library.

The great thing about themes or Instagram layouts is that you can have them running for as long as you want, or even as short as you want. Don’t feel like your followers are responding to a change? Switch to another one. It’s completely up to you!

Test out something new, you’ll never know which trend, technique, or theme will propel your Instagram profile to the next level.