3 New Instagram Features You Should Be Using

Instagram’s latest updates include some new and interesting changes to its existing features. From a powerful new camera to stories, to organizing your DMs, Instagram keeps getting better for all its users. It’s important to stay on top of these updates to know how you can make the most out of them for your profile.

Here are some of the app’s latest updates:

1. New ‘Focus’ Feature on Stories

You can now shoot professional quality portraits straight on Instagram Stories. No need to shell out for cameras or smartphones with this feature anymore. You don’t even have to run it through an editing app for that depth of field effect.

To access and use this new feature, just open Instagram to the Stories camera and choose ‘Focus’ from the camera settings on the shutter button. If there’s a subject already in frame (preferably someone with a face), the subject will be sharp and crisp while the background will have a soft blur.

Pro Tip: There are platforms available that can help you schedule your Instagram stories -- one we like is SocialGest

2. Mark DMs as ‘Starred’

Got messages you don’t want getting lost among other DMs? You can now mark them with a star. This is a great way to organize your messages especially if you’re a brand or influencer who run frequent giveaways.

You can mark a conversation in a couple of ways:

  • Option #1: In your inbox, tap and hold the convo you want to mark and choose ‘Star’ on the men that pops up.

  • Option #2: Open the conversation you want to mark and tap the star icon on the top right hand side of the screen.

Filter out Starred convos by tapping the filter icon at the top right of your inbox and and choosing just ‘Starred’ messages to appear.

3. Add Hashtags and Accounts to Your Bio.

Want your followers to check out another Instagram profile, or perhaps check a hashtag you have running? Why not give it max exposure by including it on your profile bio! Instagram now links to hashtags and accounts you type in your bio, making it easier for you to get visitors to follow an account or hashtag.

A great way to use this new feature is by directing followers to sister sites or partner brands. Currently running a campaign or giveaway with a sponsor? Give them a (clickable!) shoutout right on your profile. Giving your sponsors those extra views certainly will be appreciated!

What’s Coming Next: Resharing Instagram Posts as Stories

Some accounts are now able to share any public post from any public profile on Instagram Stories. Soon, there won’t be any need for screenshots and uploading anymore, everything will be done seamlessly and instantly right on the app.

Want to know if you already have this feature? Tap the send button at the bottom of a public post. Instead of a list of followers, an option to add post to your stories should be at the very top. Those who still don’t have the feature can only send posts as private DMs for now.

This social media platform is showing no signs of slowing down. More awesome features are coming to Instagram very soon. Be on the lookout and stay on top of the trends by incorporating these new features to your daily Instagram use.

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