3 Awesome Editing Tips to Create Compelling Videos

You might be wondering how vloggers and filmmakers can make multiple well-made videos in a week. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to quickly make compelling videos, too. You don’t need fancy gadgets or a film degree. You just need to edit.

That’s right! Taking a few minutes to add some flair to your videos could make it creative and compelling. Check out these video editing tips. They’re so quick and easy to do, but transform any video into something compelling that people will want to watch or even share.

Apply different editing techniques

How do you inject life and even drama to a collection of shots and clips? Before you do anything else like add filters or even music, start with playing around with different editing techniques!

Here’s a rundown of a few basic editing styles and transitions:

  • Hard Cut: This is simply adding one scene next to another.

  • Jump Cut: If you have a long clip that does not change frame or composition, cut sections of the clip to give it a dramatic move forward in time.

  • L or J Cut: The video of the first clip cuts away into the 2nd clip while still playing the first video’s audio.

  • Cross cutting: If you want to show two scenes happening simultaneously, you can edit by switching back and forth using your editing.

  • Cutaway shots: Want to build up drama? Cut away to different shots of seemingly unconnected elements to allow your viewer to think about what the scene is trying to imply.

The right technique applied to the right shot could do wonders for your video. You’ll be surprised how dramatic, entertaining, or compelling you can make a clip with just the editing. It’s tempting to add as many different styles and transitions to your video but don’t overdo it! Remember that the best editing is one the audience doesn’t even notice.

Add sound effects and music

Great audio is crucial to videos, especially if you have a dialogue. Invest in a mic you can clip on your phone or camera if you want to record audio that is several feet away. You want dialogue, especially, to be clear and crisp that’s free from background noise.

One video editing tip that can really enhance your video is by adding sounds and music when editing can make any shot feel comedic, thrilling, romantic, sad-- any feeling you want to evoke. Add playful and amusing sound effects to help a joke land, or maybe overlay a beating heart when you want a scene to feel intense.

Background music can also help with storytelling, especially if you want to add a montage in your video. Make sure you check the proper copyright on a song you want to use! While you might not be able to use pop songs for YouTube videos, there are plenty of music in the public domain that’s free to use.

Improve the quality of your shots

If you shoot under proper lighting, chances are a video clip you took with your camera phone or digicam could rival shots taken using expensive professional cameras. To improve settings even more, you can do that during post-production!

The great thing about enhancing video clips is that you can use intuitive apps to automate the process, and make it uniform so all your shots will still look the same. You can even do it on your phone! You can adjust video clip settings on Instasize, improving elements like brightness, saturation, exposure, or even increase grains for an authentic old film feel.

Turning any clip into a black and white movie is also a tap away, just are other filters you can apply. Play with filters and color overlays and give your video a whole new vibe!

Apply marketing tactics along with these video editing tips and you’re well on your way to creating compelling video content. Don’t just upload a video as soon as you take them. Take a few minutes to play around with it and use video editing tools you’ll be surprised with the final product. Just have fun with it. The more you create, the better you get!

Pro Tip: Consider compressing your videos without sacrificing quality to save on storage space.

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