The world is changing with a rapid speed, so are the businesses. In this fast-paced business world, it has become imperative for every business to find an effective way to connect to their audience. Staying connected with your prospective audience is the key to your business survival and success. But the question is – ‘How to reach your business goals?’ The simple answer is – Instagram.

With almost 500 million daily active users, Instagram is one of the best social media platforms to kick-start your business and reach your goals. With new and exciting features rolling out every day, Instagram can go beyond visuals to build a social media profile that can help you highlight your brand mission, display your products/services, and capture potential leads successfully.

But with growing market demands, it can be challenging to keep up with the latest Instagram trends and tools to deliver what your audience is looking for. In this case, all you need is some ideas and inspiration.

If you’re searching for some ideas, you’ve reached the right place. In this post, we’ve outlined the 18 best Instagram campaigns in 2019. Let’s take a look at them.

1. Amazon


Amazon ran an Instagram campaign in 2017 to thank their customers for rating them #1 in Corporate Reputation Rankings. The e-commerce website posted a picture highlighting their reputation with a caption telling clients about a discount they created to celebrate their big win. This campaign is a great example that shows how to win the audience trust as well as give rise to business sales successfully.

2. Marc Jacobs


In 2014, Marc Jacob ran their successful campaign in which they used Instagram as a recruitment platform to find models for their brand. According to the campaign, applicants had to tag their images with the hashtag #CastMeMarc. As a result, Marc Jacob received 70,000 applicants. You may also use this strategy to recruit employees or encourage the audience to participate in your campaign successfully.

3. IBM


IBM started an Instagram campaign Pride Month to display its audience what they are committed to delivering as a brand. In this campaign, they changed their company’s logo into pride colors and explained how they boost diversity in the company. The hashtags #PrideMonth and #inclusiveIBM helped IBM reach out more and more people. It shows that this type of campaign can help you build genuine relationships with your visitors. 

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4. Daniel Wellington


Daniel Wellington (DW), a Swedish watch company, partnered with YouTube star Joseph Vincent (singer, songwriter, guitarist) to promote their watches to his followers. In this Instagram campaign, Joseph posted an image displaying a men’s and women’s DW timepiece. In the caption, he mentioned the brand name with a discount code that his fans can use while buying their DW watch. This campaign can be another great strategy to turn the followers of an influencer into your clients.

5. John Mayer


John Mayer, an American Singer-Songwriter, used Instagram to advertise his EPs, The Search for Everything. One of his campaigns that turned into a huge profit was – the use of Instagram Live feature. He used this platform for different purposes, such as performing songs, telling his song stories, answering fans’ questions, and more. It clearly shows that Instagram Live allows you to interact with the audience directly to build a loyal following.

6. Airbnb


Airbnb used Instagram in 2017 to start a campaign in support of people from different regions. Though the company didn’t directly address it, the timing of their Instagram campaign, caption, and hashtag (#WeAccept) stated that they were raising their opinions on 2017 political developments. It also helped Airbnb to stand up as a world-renowned company with a focus on equality and acceptance. This campaign unveils that running Instagram campaigns related to current marketing events can be a great idea to grab the attention of your prospective audience.



TOMS, a footwear company, announced to donate a pair of sneakers to every Instagram user uploading an image of their bare feet with #withoutshoes. It was part of a more extensive marketing campaign to communicate the values of the company to its wider audience. The company created an excellent brand to reach quickly with a large number of shares and tags. You may also use this campaign to communicate your liberal values to your desired audience.

8. Nintendo


Nintendo, a video game company, used Instagram for the publicity of their new game console, the Nintendo Switch. They chose Instagram because it is the best place to spread words about any new product among the target audience in an engaging way.

9. Adidas


Adidas took Instagram to announce the release of their brand new NMD Pitch Black sneakers. During this campaign, Adidas began a contest on their Snapchat and advertised it on Instagram. The Instagram uploaded a post consisted of an image announcing the contest with simple steps to enter the contest to win a pair of sneakers. It helped the company to attract entrants and build awareness about their product launch.

10. DJI


A leader in the drone industry, DJI partnered with different Instagram filmmakers in 2017 to advertise their drone offerings. This campaign was an excellent method to utilize user-generated content as well as Instagram videos. It means posting original videos displaying your product features can be the best way to sell your products on Instagram to the target audience. You may use tools like Renderforest to build engaging Instagram videos.

11. Orangetheory


Organgetheory, a famous fitness center, used Instagram as their primary digital platform to post engaging and eye-catching content. From many visual marketing strategies, their best one that helped them make genuine clients was – User Testimonial. It means Instagram’s User Testimonial feature not only presents a real side of your business but also enables you to boost your business’ credibility.

12. Disney


Disney is a giant, household-name brand that needs no introduction, but like other brands, it also uses Instagram to push its new offerings. In a campaign, Disney took Luke Evans (an actor) to advertise their film Beauty and the Beast with an Instagram takeover. The actor uploaded several images on his Instagram account about the world premiere of the film with a caption highlighting Disney. It shows that Instagram takeover is an incredible method for brands, influencers, and individuals to cross-promote content. So look for an influencer with your niche and host an influencer takeover to draw more and more visitors.

13. Forever21


Forever21 is known as an expert at the Instagram sale, and this is because of their Like2buy feature, a monetization platform. This feature helps them to turn their visitors into regular customers directly. If you own an e-commerce business, a monetization channel can be the most practical idea to drive sales from Instagram.

14. ASOS


ASOS follows an Instagram marketing strategy in which they don’t make a direct partnership with their influencers. Instead, they create “sponsored accounts” for their influencers, e.g., @asos_ashley. Though these accounts are operated by the influencers only, they are a little different as they feature ASOS products. It is a compelling method to draw the existing followers of influencers to sponsored accounts and encourage them to make purchases.

15. Cellucor


Cellucor, a fitness supplement provider, optimized a giveaway campaign to publicize their “on-the-go” addition of their C4 pre-workout drink. Firstly, this campaign featured an impressive video with product rate and giveaway itself. Secondly, the caption of the post described how visitors could join their social promotion. They directly asked people to follow them, like their posts, and tag three friends to do the same. It helps Cellucor to boost their follower count drastically.

16. Kenneth Cole


Kenneth Cole, the US fashion house, utilized the selfie power to energize their followers and deliver quality user-generated content. The campaign ran for three months, offering people a chance to win free shoes every month for a year, just by uploading their selfies on Instagram with #DressForYourSelfie. As you know, people love taking selfies and participating in contests. Bringing both these aspects together can help you expand your followers.

17. Drinkwel


Drinkwel is a company that provides multivitamin supplements for people who drink alcohol. They run a consistent campaign, weekly contests, allowing people to win their products. To win the battle, contestants have to follow them, like their photos and tag a friend. At the end of the week, the company draws the name of the winner and @mentions it, asking the person to send his/her email address to share prize details. It is a simple yet powerful campaign idea to get the best response from the audience.

18. Guerlain


Guerlain ran an Instagram campaign to reach the young audience with its flagship product - Terracotta bronzing powder. In this campaign, the company participated with Performics and Mazarine on a four week Instagram image strategy. They displayed a perfect combination of Terracotta and Paris landmarks with attractive photos and hashtags, resulting in a 15% increase in campaign awareness. So think out of the box and get innovative with your product shots. Combine your products with related lifestyle elements to build an authentic connection with the audience.

Final Words

These are 18 of the remarkable Instagram marketing campaigns of 2019 so far. Hopefully, these Instagram campaigns will help you get started and build an effective and killer Instagram campaign to achieve your business objectives in no time.