15 Instasize Filters To Make Your Photos Stand Out

With so many options presented to you on Instasize, How do you choose a filter that best fits your unique aesthetic?

Do you go by whichever reflects your mood? Maybe you choose according to whichever is right for your current feed theme. While there are many ways and reasons to pick a filter, knowing which ones work best with specific photos could help you narrow down a choice.

Here are some of our favorite filters and which types of photos they work best on:

For Selfies: Oak, Bark, 1989

No Filter Selfie Oak Filter Selfie

No Filter Oak Filter

When you’re posting selfies or portraits, you want natural enhancements, nothing too crazy or “filtered”. We highlight recommend the above filters for a “natural enhancing” edit. These 3 filters have high contrast, making colors like pop while not washing out your skin.

No Filter Selfie 1989 Filter Selfie

No Filter 1989 Filter

They brighten up colors in a photo without overlaying other tones or hues, giving off a natural but improved look. The best thing about these filters - they’re free for all. Take a selfie and test them out!

For Architecture: D3, F2, N1

No Filter Architecture Photos D3 Architecture Photos

No Filter D3 Filter

Whether you’re taking a photo of new skyscrapers or old churches, these filters will add a warm hue to your pictures. They give a vintage, aged feel for older structures while reducing stark gray and blue hues of modern buildings.

No Filter Architecture Photos N2 Architecture Photos

No Filter N2 Filter

N2 will allow for the whites in your images to appear as crisp as ever. Perfect for capturing indoor aesthetics.

For Bright / Clean Backgrounds: H2, M2, Arya

No Filter Bright Background Photos M2 Filter Bright Background Photos

No Filter M2 Filter

Feeds with bright + simple backgrounds look clean and easy on the eyes. It’s no surprise that these type of feeds are popular these days. Our M2 and Arya filters will keep the background bright and clean while allowing the subject of your images to pop - giving your images a sunkissed feel.

No Filter Bright Background Photos Arya Filter Bright Background Photos

No Filter Arya Filter

For a B&W Effect: C1, C2, Radio

No Filter Black & White Photos C2 Filter Black & White Photos

No Filter C2 Filter

Editing with a black and white filter can completely change the feel of your image. Black and white images tend to elicit a more serious tone, adding depth to an image.

No Filter Black & White Photos Radio Filter Black & White Photos

No Filter Radio Filter

Between these three black and white filters, you can pick which one works best for any photo. The right black and white filter can turn an ordinary colored photo into a dramatic work of art.

For Nature Photos: E3, Osaka, Front

No Filter Nature Photos Osaka Filter Nature Photos

No Filter Osaka Filter

When you’re editing nature photos, you don’t want to take away from the beauty that you’re capturing by slapping on a tacky, oversaturated filter. Instasize’s wide range of filters give you options that will enhance warmth (or cool it down), sharpen detail, and make colors pop in a very natural, controlled manner.

No Filter Nature Photos Front Filter Nature Photos

No Filter Front Filter

  • Osaka is a bright filter, adding and highlighting yellow tones to a photograph - perfect for photos captures in harsh sunlight.

  • Front is a warm filter, overlaying a brownish tone to photos bringing out the colorful hues of nature photos, especially autumn colors.

  • E3 is a cooler filter, adding a blueish hue to photos that can highlight majestic seas or convey the cool mood of winter photographs.

If you apply a filter and think it’s too harsh on your photo just double-tap to pull up the adjustment slider. You can easily decrease the intensity of the filter, allowing you to control how it enhances your photo. Fine tune minute details with our various adjustment tools, read up on how to get the most out of these tools here.

With dozens of filters available on Instasize, you’ll be sure to find one that feels right for any photo or theme. Unlock over 60 more premium filters by upgrading to a premium account. Click on the banner below to get started.

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