It’s said that it is better to see something once that to hear about it a thousand times, and it’s absolutely true. Travel is good for the soul; and with Instagram, you can take all your followers along for the ride. While every place holds its own charms, hidden or otherwise, certain locations just lend themselves to amazing pictures. As one of the oldest cities in the United States, Boston is full of Instagram-worthy spots. Founded in 1630 on the Shawmut Peninsula by Puritan settlers from England, it was the scene of several key events in during the American Revolution. History lies thick on the ground here, and beautiful cobblestone streets are found side-by-side with the glass and stone towers of modern America. Whether you’re looking for great food-and-beverage shots, charming street views, or sweeping cityscapes, Boston has you covered. Here are 11 of the most Instagrammable places in Boston.

1. Boston Public Garden

Found in the heart of Boston, the Boston Public Garden is a welcome breath of fresh air away from the busy city streets. Founded way back in 1837, it was the very first public botanical garden in the United States. The park is host to many Victorian gardens featuring splendorous variety of flowers and fauna. In the summer, you can ride through the marshlands in a Swan Boat, definitely one of the most picturesque ways to traverse the lagoon.

2. Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

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Named after a wealthy intellectual who found solace and pleasure in the collection and appreciation of artwork and manuscripts, The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum has been a hub for the arts since its opening in 1903. Setting foot in its courtyard, with its stunning Medusa Mosaic, is like stepping into another world. Lush with flowers and adorned with beautiful tiled walls, you won’t run out of material for your Instagram posts. Besides a collection that boasts some of the most famous paintings in the world, such as Vermeer’s The Concert and Rembrandt’s Self Portrait, the museum also hosts concerts and gallery events. Fun fact, if you happen to be named Isabella, you can get in for free!

3. Acorn Street

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Boston or Philly? Acorn Street in Boston, this little alley I’m standing in, is apparently one of the most photographed streets in the nation. When I first saw pictures of it online I thought it looked like an underwhelming version of Elfreth’s Alley in Philadelphia. Seeing it in person didn’t change my mind. • Such a Philly thing to say, right? I went into this trip knowing people from Philly typically bump heads with Pats fans (and literally everyone else in the country, let’s be real). I’m openly an outlier because I have a deep love for New England. Not New England sports of course, but I love the culture and style of people in the far northeast. You’ll see my spring and summer styles are an ode to that. • Since I appreciate New England, I didn’t go into Boston bracing myself to be bitter towards locals. I‘ve come to realize there are so many similarities between Boston and Philadelphia, and I think that’s why we conflict so much; from our deep rooted American history and red brick landmarks to crazy urban accents and prideful sports obsessions. Don’t even get me started on the Irish and Italian culture parallels. All in all, both cities have very similar values. If we hate Boston, we inherently hate ourselves. Just my opinion, of course. Thanks for the hospitality, B.

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Called the most beautiful street in America, and definitely the most photographed street in Boston, Acorn Street certainly fits the bill. The narrow alleyway’s gorgeous cobblestoned street is flanked by federal townhouses on either side, recalling America’s colonial past. It frequently tops the list for most Instagrammable places in Boston, but don’t let that put you off adding this quiet neighborhood to your Instagram bucket list. Your followers will love you for it.

4. Tatte Bakery & Café

While you’re wandering around Boston, be sure to stop by Tatte Bakey & Café for a breather. They have some of the most Insta-worthy pastries in the city and amazingly chic décor. It’s a great place for a quick lunch and coffee as well, before you continue exploring the city.

5. Faneuil Hall

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Sometimes called the “Cradle of Liberty”, Faneuil Hall is located near the waterfront and has served as a marketplace and meeting hall since 1743. It is one of the oldest large buildings in America, and its granite plaza surface is marked with the approximate location of the early colonial shoreline. It is home to many artworks such as A Once and Future Shoreline, composed of etched silhouettes of seaweed, sea grass, fish, and shells. You can also find many paintings and sculpture busts of Revolutionary War activists, pre Civil War abolitionists, and political leaders.

6. Paul Revere House

Speaking of Boston’s Revolutionary past, you can visit the one-time home of the legendary hero Paul Revere; he of the famous midnight ride. It’s a great snapshot of 17th century architecture, and is located near the entry to Boston’s quaint North End.

7. Fenway Park

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No trip to Beantown is complete without a visit to The Big Green Monster. The oldest Major-League ballpark in the world, Fenway Park stands an iconic landmark (as well as one of the most Instagrammable places in Boston). Opened in 1912 and home to the Boston Red Sox, watching a game here is an experience not to be missed. Tours are available all year round, and have been known to make fans out of even the most stubborn of visitors.

8. Harvard (and Harvard Square)

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While technically located in Cambridge, Harvard University and Harvard square are just a short ride out of the city. Its beautiful brick buildings make a great backdrop for your photos, and it is home to many quirky cafés and restaurants for you to get those food shots in. You may even find yourself in the middle of a party, as Harvard Square hosts a number of celebrations and events such as the Winter Carnival in January and the Chili Tasting Contest in February.

9. The Reflecting Pool

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As the sun starts to go down, don’t miss an opportunity to take a great shot of the surrounding cityscape, both upside-down and right side-up. Located nearby is the Christian Science Center, known for its classical architecture and towering dome.

10. The Verb Hotel

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If the quirky, rock-and-roll vibe is more your thing, make sure you check out the Verb Hotel. This boutique hotel is located around the corner from Fenway Park, and has a distinct retro aesthetic due to its collection of music memorabilia, groovy hotel bus, and numerous murals. Don’t miss the wonderfully vibrant Fenway scene located behind the hotel.

11. Highball

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It’s hard to pick just one bar in a city that’s home to so many good ones, but Highball Lounge is a definite standout. It’s a relaxed and fun place, where you can hang and toss a few back while playing board games with your friends. As a particularly Instagrammable bonus, they serve little rubber ducks in their drinks!

While certainly not exhaustive, we hope this list of the most Instagrammable places in Boston serves a jumping off point for your next trip to this great city.