Nearly every corner of NYC is Instagram-worthy with the right composition and filter. It’s no surprise that many people--including a majority of Instasize users--frequently take snapshots around town and to great results!

Of course, some areas are more picturesque than others. And whether you’re a New Yorker or just in town for a few days, you can make the most out of your day by hitting up these spots for a quick Instagram moment!

Washington Street at DUMBO

Washington Street at DUMBO - @janethgomezestrada Instagram

View on Instagram Photo by: @janethgomezestrada

This cobblestone street in DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) just might be the top Instagrammable spot in the city. If you angle your cameraphone just right, you’ll get a sweet shot of the Manhattan bridge between the picturesque buildings. Even the cars parked along the street become photogenic in this spot!

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge - @elli_frank Instagram

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Taking a photo on the walkway of Brooklyn Bridge, with its iconic cabled arches is practically a must when visiting NYC. If you want to take your time capturing the perfect shot, you might want to stay to the left and keep away from rushing cyclists!

The Flatiron Building

The Flatiron Building - @basma_bada Instagram

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This landmark is picture-perfect by itself, or an interesting background to the perfect New York day #OOTD. Other than the unique look of this building, one cool thing about taking Instagram pics at this location is that you’ll get a different look depending on where you’re standing.

Pietro Nolita

Pietro Nolita - @naomijaneadams Instagram

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New York is famous for its restaurants, so why not kill two birds with one stone by heading over to Pietro Nolita. It’s famous for it’s pink everything. We’re talking interiors and exteriors. Even if you’re not a huge fan of pink (the color), you’ll love how photos turn out at this joint.

The Oculus

The Oculus - @lainabooth Instagram

View on Instagram Photo by: @lainabooth

Take a photo of (or with) the marvelous interior of the Oculus. The rib-like ceiling looks different depending on the time of day, which makes it a great place to return to multiple times if you like the clean structured background it offers to your self portraits.

Grand Central

Grand Central - @kaelin_fox Instagram

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Watching people come and go Grand Central is mesmerizing itself. Even taking artsy photos of the bustling crowd will earn you instant likes, but it’s also beautiful architecture that you’re going to want to capture. The centuries-old architecture is timeless and the perfect backdrop to whatever outfit or pose you want to sport.

Central Park

Central Park - @taylorpalmby Instagram

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Central Park is so full of beautiful spots, you’ll never run out of something Instagram-worthy. It’s particularly beautiful during the fall, with the colorful foliage and fallen leaves that are nature’s best Instagram props. Don’t miss spots like the Bow Bridge, Bethesda Terrace, and The Mall. But seriously, everywhere you turn is an Instagram spot!

Coney Island

Coney Island - @denizirem Instagram

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If you’re taking a trip to Coney Island, you can’t pass up an opportunity to take photos of the Cyclone and the art wall. Talk about an artsy and colorful backdrop! The beach and boardwalk are also top spots to get the perfect picture.

Top of the Rock

Top of the Rock - @geehaines Instagram

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New York has one of the most iconic city scapes in the world, and Top of the Rock offers an unbeatable view, whether you visit in the day or at night. You can’t go wrong with an Instagram post featuring the whole of New York as your background!

The High Line

The High Line - @tanarendon Instagram

View on Instagram Photo by: @tanarendon

Take a scenic walk at 30 feet above street level, with garden plants along this converted tracks. It can be a relaxing stroll after an exhausting day of touring around the city, while offering areas where you can snap a quick pick with the city as your background.

Minetta Street

Minetta Street - @meganhmcnulty Instagram

View on Instagram Photo by: @meganhmcnulty

What could be more New York than its brownstones? These homes are featured in practically every TV show and movie set in New York. Best of all, they’re practically everywhere! One particularly touristy area is Minetta Street with its sharp turn and townhouses that’s a favorite for Instagram photos.

Not only are these some of the best places to take pictures in NYC, they’re also great to check out for first-timers or even locals! Treat this as your travel check list for a great, Instagrammable day in the city!

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