We’re officially counting down the days until summer hits!

Need a bit of inspiration for taking the perfect summer photo? Here are 11 cool ideas for summer photography to help you step up your Insta-game this season!

1. Sweet summer treats

Keep things cool over on your Instagram account by featuring an adorable shot of you with your ice cream.

It really doesn’t have to be the summer time for us to appreciate a dose of yummy soft serve, but this sweet treat is inarguably one of the best props for the perfect summer photo!

2. Hanging out by the pool

Content feed looking a little bland? Show your audience that you’re out here living your best life this summer with a cute poolside summer photo.

You can spend the day relaxing and soaking up some sun – then when the timing feels right, fit in a quick summer photo sesh!

3. Rooftop brunch

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Can’t call yourself a #foodie without doing a summer photo sesh out on a rooftop patio.

From a striking flatlay of your avocado toast, to the classic candid of you sipping on your favorite cocktail, the sky’s the limit when it comes to potential photo ops during a rooftop brunch.

But that’s not it – take advantage of the panoramic #views by getting plenty of shots in for your future posts. There’s no better #OOTD shot than one featuring the city skyline!

4. Sunset

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Nothing sends out more summer vibes than a gorgeous sunset with mixed hues of orange and blue plastered across the sky – a visually appealing addition to any content feed!

5. Trip to the beach

For the best summer photo, you’ve definitely got to make a trip to the beach!

Spend the day hanging out at the beach with close friends and family – when it comes time for a bit of a break, use that opportunity to get the best summer photo out of your beach hangout.

6. Portrait in a field of flowers

Fresh flowers are a content feed’s best friend! The vivid colors and texture in plants can instantly enhance the aesthetic of any content feed.

Head to your nearest botanical garden for a lovely afternoon taking in all that nature has to offer. There are plenty of summer photo ops at a botanical garden, from a close-up of your favorite flowers to a candid of you admiring the beautiful garden in front of you!

7. Picnic

Want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of life? Get away from all the noise in the city with an adorable picnic at the park.

Just keep in mind that you should bring a couple props with you for the picture-perfect picnic setup – can’t have an Insta-worthy picnic without a picnic basket and fresh sheets.

8. Travel

Make the most out of your summer by finally taking that vacation that you’ve been dreaming about! With a ton of opportunities for you to shoot fresh content for the ‘gram, just make sure you bring a friend (or a tripod) who knows your angles!

9. Add some color to your feed

You can bring a ton of color into your content feed with pictures from a festival or carnival!

But honestly, can you really say you had the best summer EVER, without going to some sort of summer festival?

Day or night, a Ferris wheel is the perfect background for a cute summer photo sesh.

10. Café

Who doesn’t love making a pit stop for an iced coffee on a hot summer’s day?

For the perfect summer photo, head to your favorite café in your best summer outfit and make a photo sesh out of it!

11. Retro style bike

Add some vintage vibes to your content feed with a retro style bike!

Know a better way to get some exercise in while shooting some fresh content for the ‘gram?

Yeah, didn’t think so.