How To Master Your Next Flat Lay Photo

I can guarantee that if you’re reading this article RIGHT now, you’ve had a moment in your photo-taking-life where you thought “NO, I can’t stand up to take a photo of my food/table?! I don’t want to be THAT girl!”
Well guess what, we’ve ALL wanted to be that girl, and in our opinion, THAT girl probably has a bangin’ Instagram feed. Speaking of bangin’ Instagram feeds, we all have our favorite fashion, foodie, travel bloggers, etc..who always seem to take the most perfectly placed and thought out flat lay photos the world has ever seen… but how? How do they achieve this level of perfection on a consistent basis? The answers lye below. Follow along as we breakdown the “Top 5 Tips for Taking the PERFECT Flat Lay Photo.

Have a theme.

Each flat lay photo should have some type of theme or story behind it. Whether it be “look at this beautiful spread for lunch” or a well planned “OOTD”, each photo should describe a moment in time. Having a theme will also ensure that any article you include in the photo is there for a reason and adds to the overall composition. Having a hard time figuring out a theme? No worries, pick a color scheme and roll with it!

Simple backgrounds are key

The worst thing you can do to a beautifully laid out flat lay, is have a super distracting background. Keep it simple yet significant! Simple backgrounds, such as tabletops, wooden floorboards, white cardboard, bench tops, marble tiles, shaggy rugs and clean bed sheets work well in almost any situation.
*Editing tip* You’ve probably noticed the white backgrounds in some of your favorite bloggers flat lay images look REALLY white. You can achieve this look using the “whitening tool” while editing your photo in InstaSize. It’s the perfect desaturation tool.

It’s time to be THAT girl.

So you have a beautifully laid out flat lay, what comes next? The aim of a flat lay is to shoot from above the layout, so get up high if you need to and stand on a stool or ladder. This is especially fun if you’re out dining in a nice restaurant and decide “wow, everything on this table looks too beautiful to eat..I should take a photo”. Commence being brave and standing up to get the shot.
*Pro tip* Setting up your flat lay on the ground will help you achieve the “shooting from up above” angle, just stand up!

Make people love your content.

Natural Light aka Your New BFF.

We’re sure you’ve heard it once, maybe twice, but when it  comes to taking any type of photo, natural lighting is always best.  Shooting in natural light eliminates shadows, so shoot somewhere that is drenched in it, we suggest by a window or outside.

Get Inspired + Tag Away!

Spend time time checking out your favorite Instagrammers and how they flat lay before venturing out on your own. Once you have your photo ready for posting, make sure you tag all the brands being featured, you want your photo be seen by as many eyes possible, right?!
Looking for some more creative ideas for Instagram photos? Check out our Instagram Content Ideas for a More Creative Feed blog post.
Here are some of our flat lay favorites:

Ready to create your own flat lay? DO IT.


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