How to Take and Edit the Best Selfies – Your Favorite Makeup Photo Editor

How many selfies do you take before getting that one shot you’re happy with? It’s likely that you have taken dozens (no worries, we have as well), and your selfie will go through a couple of rounds of editing (sometimes using multiple apps) before you deem it worthy to publish. Taking and editing the perfect selfie doesn’t have to be a time-consuming process.

You don’t even need multiple apps to edit your selfie to perfection. The photo and video editing app InstaSize can function as a makeup photo editor, having features that will turn a so-so selfie into something you can’t wait to post.
But first, how do you take a great selfie?

Natural Lighting
Aka your very best friend. Natural light brightens your face and removes unflattering shadows. Face a window or go outside to make the most out of sunlight. You can also prop a piece of white paper under your chin as a reflector to create a flattering glow.

Experiment with Angles
Embrace your inner supermodel. Don’t be self-conscious about experimenting with your facial angles, and camera placement. You’ll be surprised at which combination will turn out to be your best.

Express Yourself
Your facial expression is everything. If you want to post a smiling selfie, smile as naturally as possible! Think of a funny moment, a joke, anything to get you laughing and snap away! For more serious selfies, try saying the word “plum” out loud and allow your lips to rest. This will create an effortless but still serious pout. Don’t know it until you try it! Switch up your selfies for a more dynamic feed.

Don’t Forget the Background
A plain background will draw the attention to YOU, and quite frankly, where else should that attention be. 😉
If you’re taking a selfie inside your room or somewhere else, make sure anything that’s within frame looks just as neat and presentable as you are.

Once you’ve taken a selfie you’re happy with, it’s time to edit!

How To Edit Your Selfies To Perfection with Instasize:

There’s no harm with tweaking selfies to make them look even better. Editing photos can even be a fun process. Using Instasize as a selfie or makeup photo editor is fairly straightforward. Just upload your selfie on the app, open our photo editor and click on the beauty icon to begin. Instasize also offers a ton of other amazing tools you should take advantage of to get the absolute most out of your selfie. Experience a free seven day trial of Instasize Premium by clicking on the banner below:

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Crop Your Selfie
Photobomber accidentally stepped into your frame? Didn’t notice an unsightly background element? No problem! You can crop your selfie according to preset ratios (the perfect size for various social media platforms) or freely crop out elements you don’t want seen.

A Whiter Smile + Edit Blemishes
Tap the head icon to access tools to smoothen the skin, remove blemishes, or whiten teeth. Use the sliding bar to adjust the intensity of the change. You can control how much your selfie is edited to achieve an edited look you’re comfortable with.

Pick A Filter
Filters can change the tone and mood of your selfie in one tap. Filters like ‘Coast’ and ‘Bark’ brighten your face, clearing away skin blemishes without blurring your skin. You can also double-tap the filter, opening a sliding bar you can adjust to reduce or the application of a filter on your selfie.

Adjust Settings
You can play around with the look of your selfie even more by adjusting settings. Experimenting with settings like Exposure, Contrast, Brightness, and Shadows can even out your skin tone and remove overly shiny spots. Tint and Warmth can get you the vibe you’re going for.

You can edit to your heart’s content, but don’t overdo it! You want your selfies to look unmistakably you. Own your beauty, and the likes will follow.

Now that you have the know-how and tools to take the perfect selfie, you’ll be able to post the best version of yourself on social media!

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