How to Retouch Photos on a Mobile Device

Do you wonder how celebrities and even some of your friends seem to take flaw-free photos of themselves? Chances are, they’re retouching photos before posting. In fact, over 50% of the photos you see on Instagram have already been edited. Even celebs who post #nofilter selfies likely use editing apps to remove imperfections.

There’s no harm in editing photos. It’s just a way to clean up some temporary imperfections without altering your face or the composition of the photo. Plus, it can be fun to see your face transform for the better in a few quick swipes and taps.

Instasize provides tools that will allow you to you smoothen your skin, clear blemishes, whiten teeth, tan skin, enhance details, and add a subtle glow to any selfie! Check out more Beauty Tool Tips in last weeks article: Your New Favorite Selfie Editor.

How To Retouch Photos using InstaSize

1. Upload a photo into the app by tapping the ‘+’ icon. You can also take a photo by tapping the camera icon.

2. On the editing screen, tap the face icon and choose the tool you want to apply to your photo.

Smooth – smoothens your skin. Using your two fingers, pinch and zoom into the desired area you wish to smooth. You can increase or decrease the intensity using the slider on the bottom of your photo.

Acne – clears blemishes and other imperfections. Just tap the area you want to fix. Want to undo changes? Tap ‘Remove’ and then the area you want to clear of edits.

Whiten – whiten your teeth to make them pop. You can also whiten other areas like the whites of your eyes – sounds weird but trust us, it will give your photo a little something extra. Our whitening tool also works great when whitening backgrounds. Make the whites in your photos POP.

Tan – give your skin a sun kissed glow all year long! Using your two fingers, pinch and zoom into the desired area of skin you wish to tan. Use your finger to cover the desired area and increase/decrease the tanning intensity using our adjustment bar.

Vibrance – this tool is great for making certain areas of your photo appear sharper. Give the smaller details in your photos some love with our Vibrance tool.

Glow – ever wonder how some of your favorite Instagrammers achieve that perfectly moisturized + dewy glow on their selfies? We have your answer! Our Glow tool will give your skin a rejuvenated look – Glow Up honey.

3. Once you’re done retouching your photo, tap the check mark to apply and save changes. Unlock ALL of our beauty tools on Instasize with a free seven day trial of Instasize premium. Click on the banner below to get started!

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Photo Editing Tips and Tricks

  1. Focus on fixing problem areas like softening the lines around your eyes and clearing obvious temporary blemishes like zits. Remember to use a light touch when editing – you don’t want to overdo it and look unnatural. Leave a few imperfections. These are part of what makes you, you!
  2. You can also edit your photo in other ways – try adjusting photo settings. Play around with your photo’s exposure, contrast, and brightness, as well as highlights and shadows to make your photo look brighter. Adding a touch of vignette will draw someone’s eye to you instead of other elements like backgrounds or photo bombers.
  3. Feeling even more creative? Add a filter! Some filters are perfect for portraits — Bark, Tiki, or any filter from The Valence Collection will brighten your whole image in a single tap. You can even crop your photo to frame it better or just cut away unsightly imperfections on the background.

When editing, you want the final result of your retouched photo to look like yourself. Editing is great for making photos look a little bit more professional, if that’s your goal, and drawing the eye to what you want to be highlighted. Edit to enhance what you already have, not add what’s not there. You’re perfect just the way you are! These tools were made to enhance the beauty that already exists – not modify it in a way that makes it look unreal.

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Don’t be afraid of retouching your photos! Keep editing areas small, work slow, and remember that beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. Comparison is the biggest thief of joy! These tools exist to only enhance what’s already there 🙂

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