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The InstaSize logotype is always either black or white. It must be legible and maintain the integrity of its form. Never show the InstaSize logotype in any other colors.

black instasize logo
Black logo on white background
black instasize logo
White logo on black background


When you’re using the logo with other graphic elements, make sure you give it some room to breathe. The empty space around the logo should be at least 150% of the width of the logo. To ensure the logo maintains its visual impact, do not go any smaller than 30 pixels wide.

black instasize logo
Logotype clear space

Color Palette

Our Typeface

Our typeface is bold and simple — it allows us to consistenly brand and localize our tools for people around the world.

Need help?

If you would like to use Brand Assets in a way that is not covered by these guidelines, you'll need to contact the InstaSize Marketing Team.

Keep in mind that InstaSize is constantly growing and evolving. So it's possible we'll modify these guidelines from time to time. When we do, we will publish updated guidelines, but we may not provide you any individual notice about those new guidelines. It's important that you regularly check this site to ensure that you're correctly using our Brand Assets.

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