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Whether you’re a premium member or not, the new features in our updated text editor are definitely worth checking out! For premium members, we’ve introduced 10 new fonts; Fredoka, Barcode, MrDafoe, NixieOne, Norwester, Playlist, Sedgwick, Selima, SixCaps, and TextMeOne. Bring personality to any social media announcement or curated content! We’ve made our text editor more powerful than ever and we’re happy to show you our new tools + adjustments.
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Multiple Lines of Text:

You can now add multiple lines of text in a single editing session. Better connect with your followings by providing insightful quotes, captions, and so much more. Create aesthetically pleasing IG Stories Announcements with over 40+ different fonts.

Adjust Text Spacing + Size:

When first typing out text, use the adjustment bar on the left to adjust text spacing. Make a bolder statement with varying text alignments.

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More Colors Now Available:

Personalize text with an array of colors! Each line of text can be a different shade of awesome. The new and improved text editor comes equipped with over 40+ different colors to choose from.

Add Text to Videos:

Add a message to any video clip with our new text feature for video(s). Tag companies, add a specific date and/or quote to your footage, create branded internet content; the text options are truly endless.

Experience for yourself the new and improved text editor! Available for both premium and non-premium members. Click on the blue button below to begin editing!

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